NS Controls offers the following services


Design Group:

The design group focuses on various types of projects, including main line pump stations, meter stations, tank farm facilities, block valve sites, terminals, custody transfer, etc. Every project, no matter the size, will be assigned a project manager, allowing for a single point of contact throughout the duration of the project. Our design group can provide full project electrical and control drawing packages, material specifications, material procurement, customer meetings, site meetings, customer FAT participation, etc.

CAD Drafting Group:

The NSC CAD department concentrates on the details of the drawings, such as borders, layers, symbols, customer specific drafting standards and revision levels. Every drawing is saved to our server and backed up daily.

Panel Integration:

NSC’s climate controlled UL 508A shop occupies 25,000 square feet of space and has an emphasis on safety and efficiency. It includes all new upgraded air conditioners, lighting, security surveillance systems, and high speed WIFI connections. We receive many compliments on the cleanliness of our shop. We believe our shop must be clean and organized in order to achieve the safest and most efficient work environment for our most valued asset, our employees.

Our customers regularly perform FATs of their systems in our shop. We will be glad to provide a full power up system test in order to provide our customer with a complete functionality tested system.

Rack Integration:

A growing part of NSC’s business is integrating electrical and control racks. Many racks are hot dipped galvanized and 140+ mph wind load rated. These racks house a variety of electrical equipment, which include 480vac distribution panels, VFDs, transformers, starters, 240/120vac panelboards, PLC panels and flow computer panels. Our goal is to provide a complete functionality tested rack, ready for FAT or delivery.

Building Integration:

NSC’s building integration occupies 30,000+ square feet of concreted space. We maintain multiple 480vac 3 phase power drops to feed buildings with 480vac 3 phase power, or anything lower. We can completely power the building and exercise all utilities, including a complete hardware test (exercising breakers and contactors), simulating I/O points, and proving all communication connections and all interconnections. It is our goal to provide a completely integrated, interconnected, documented and tested building package, also commonly referred to as RIE, REE, PCR, power house, etc. NSC can provide the integration details, or we can integrate from customer provided documentation as well.

Other Projects:

Not all NSC projects are typical panel, rack, or building integration. We have integrated specialty items such as containers, trailers, skids, etc. As such, we welcome the opportunity to help integrate anything out of the ordinary.

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